Sunday, May 6, 2007

Dare You Journal

I'm in a swap on Arttechniques called a "Dare You Journal". It's based off the website "Wreck this Journal" where you do all kinds of crazy things to your journal. We're to make 25 journal pages and they will be bound into a journal and returned to us. Here's my pages all laid out on the kitchen counter.
I don't drink coffee, but dh does and I mentioned to him that I wanted to use his left over coffee and grounds if he was through with them. He was, but was very curious about WHAT I wanted them for - boy, was he surprised when I "stamped" the coffee using a glass, then dumped the grounds on the pages and smooshed them around.
Once this was dry (which took longer than I imagined), I dusted off the grounds and the pages looked like this.
Here's a closeup of them. Not really the look I wanted.
Plan B: splatter paint on the pages. I dumped some acrylic paint in a small glass and added a little bit of water to make it runny. Then I took the handle of a paint brush, dipped it in the paint, and slung it out over the pages. I like the look I got with this!
Here's a closeup!

Now I have to add a smudged stamp image on the back, along with my contact info and these are ready to go in the mail (after they dry, of course).


Joanne Huffman said...

These are really great journal pages! I hope you post it when you get it back.

Patty said...

Hey Robin - you've been busy! I'm so impressed that you have finished Peyton's socks, made your "Dare You" pages, updated your blog twice in two days! What a woman! Those pages must have been fun to make - they turned out pretty cool too.

Looking forward to seeing you soon.


Elizabeth in NM said...

I am signed up for the swap too--can't wait to trade with you!
--Elizabeth in NM

kathy mc said...

Hi Robin, thought I would check out your blog. You have been busy. Love the socks. And your journal pages look very cool. Love the splatters. Your pages in Andi's calendar are great. I hope you like your new job.

shirleymcc said...

your "dare you" pages are great! I love the pink socks, too.
Happy Mother's Day!