Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Thoughts from Tacoma

Last Sunday, my sister and her SO took me to lunch at Red Lobster. Here are pictures of some of the wonderful flowers growing outside. Seattle is so lush and green! Just beautiful.
The day before my sisters surgery last week, she and I went shopping at Joann's. I found these cool clear, acrylic stamps by Heidi Grace. I am into flowers, swirls, and doodling so these are right up my alley. I love them! Funny thing is that when I checked out her website, it says she lives in Tacoma. How cool is that! I also like this mat stack of paper. I'm hoping to find time tomorrow to make some cards.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Tired in Tacoma

I've been in Tacoma since last Saturday. I flew here to be with my sister Rene' for 2 weeks during her heart bypass surgery and recovery. She had 3 bypasses (the result of juvenile diabetes that she's had for 40+ years). For the past 8 days, I've pretty much lived at the hospital (St. Joseph) for 14+ hours a day, sitting in this chair.Yes, that's some knitting I've been doing. A scarf out of Koigu and Silk Haze. It's soft and beautiful. It's only has 10 rows and twirls around. I'd model it for you, but I ran out of yarn as I was binding off. I'll have to finish it in TN when I return home.
I loved the oval windows in the patient rooms! Here's the view out of our room: 5th floor, B5. On Sunday, there was a rainstorm that produced this wonderful rainbow!
This is Rene' on Saturday, putting on a much brighter smile than I know she felt.Here she is today in something OTHER than the aqua hospital gown. Actually, she feels MUCH better than her expression is showing, but I think getting dressed wiped her out.
I'm so thankful that I had enough time off from work to spend these two weeks with her and Gregg. The hospital staff was great, but it's no place to be without friends/family to help you out.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Blue Bayou

You Are Periwinkle

You're very intuitive and sensitive. You often know other people better than they know themselves.
You're also quite optimistic, and you think well of yourself and others. You know your dreams will come true.

No artwork to post since I'm in Tacoma helping my sister recuperate from open heart surgery. With lots of time on my hands, here's a Blogthings post. Get well Rene'!

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Rhi's Blog Candy

Here's a link to Rhi's blog where she's giving away some great items. Check it out!

Rockin' Robin Blogger

My friend Kathy has nominated me as a Rockin' Girl Blogger! Thanks, Kathy!

I've been busy finishing up artwork for two round robins I'm in. Here's the calendar journal I worked on this month (sorry the pictures aren't that great).

Here are some pictures from the pocketfull book. The theme was inspiration. I get inspired by nature, color, flowers, and patterns/grids.

This is the tag that goes into the pocket. The image is from a deck of cards I got when I traveled to Florence, Italy last fall. The picture washes it out quite a bit.On the back of the tag, I doodled this flower.