Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Random Things

I was tagged by Shirley to post 7 random things about me. Here goes:
1. I hate cucumbers (or cumberQs as my sister Rene' says).
2. My favorite gemstone is tanzanite.
3. I balance my checkbook each month.
4. I'm taking a knitting class for the entrelac stitch.
5. I often buy the same shoe in multiple colors.
6. I carry a Vera Bradley bag.
7. I was the editor of my high school yearbook.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

13 Months, 23 Days

Not that I'm! Today I got my braces off - yippee! Boy does my mouth feel empty without all that metal. I'm still getting used to the permanent retainer on the back of my front teeth on the bottom (my poor tongue has blisters). They took impressions for my upper retainer (which now comes in colors: purple with glitter) which I get in one week. My how things change in 35 years! I've been smiling all day long.

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Socks are DONE!!

Pink socks rock! Peyton, these will be waiting on you when you come visit! Love, Mom.

Dare You Journal

I'm in a swap on Arttechniques called a "Dare You Journal". It's based off the website "Wreck this Journal" where you do all kinds of crazy things to your journal. We're to make 25 journal pages and they will be bound into a journal and returned to us. Here's my pages all laid out on the kitchen counter.
I don't drink coffee, but dh does and I mentioned to him that I wanted to use his left over coffee and grounds if he was through with them. He was, but was very curious about WHAT I wanted them for - boy, was he surprised when I "stamped" the coffee using a glass, then dumped the grounds on the pages and smooshed them around.
Once this was dry (which took longer than I imagined), I dusted off the grounds and the pages looked like this.
Here's a closeup of them. Not really the look I wanted.
Plan B: splatter paint on the pages. I dumped some acrylic paint in a small glass and added a little bit of water to make it runny. Then I took the handle of a paint brush, dipped it in the paint, and slung it out over the pages. I like the look I got with this!
Here's a closeup!

Now I have to add a smudged stamp image on the back, along with my contact info and these are ready to go in the mail (after they dry, of course).

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Cinco de Mayo

Time for a catch up post, so settle in for awhile! First up is the final calendar page I did in Andi's journal for April.

Second, the pink socks for Peyton are progressing and should be done shortly - I'm on the decreases for the toes!Third, I hosted Stamp Club last month and we did a project out of the Kaleidoscope book. We did the timed collage on mat board and card board. I took my rubicoil and we punched the pages and made a book. Here's my pages, followed by a pix of them in the finished book.

Fourth, here's a Doodle ATC that I did for a swap. We were supposed to use markers, pens, etc and doodle something. I was pleased with what I came up with.

Fifth, I used to belong to Club Stamp a few years ago (I rejoined last month during their Rolling Retreat in Knoxville). I was always too busy to complete the projects that came each month in the kit, so I have had all these pizza boxes packed away in the closet of my art room. I decided it was time to open them up and use what was inside. Here's a pix of the pile of empty boxes, then the contents. I also had a few kits from the Altered Book Club that I was a member of for awhile. Now to start using these supplies (I don't know why I hoard so much STUFF - it's crazy to not use it!).