Saturday, June 14, 2008

Worldwide Knit in Public Day

Today's the day! Did you follow through on the assignment? I did. But I forgot my camera, so can't share the 8 other people that were also at the small gazebo on the town square in Watertown. What a cute town! But, don't be caught speeding there, because they take it very seriously (our realtor got a ticket while he was showing us land in the area).

You still have time to participate - go forth and Knit!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Cards from scraps

I've been yearning for a card-making day! Plus, I've been meaning to get back to using up some of my scraps.Both these cards use acrylic stamps by Technique Tuesday. I love the floral images! I stamped the flowers onto scrap paper, cut them out, and layered them on the cards.
It was a quick and easy way to get rid of some leftover paper.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Sue's Pocketfull

Sue's pocket-full book is so cool! The pages are all arches which Sue has sewn from brown paper bags - so much fun to paint on! Her theme is Angels and Icons. Here's the artwork I made for the pocket - picture of angel, highlighted with oil pastels. It's glued to the back of a Paris postcard.

Here it is in the pocket.The back is a page from a Paris calendar, showing Napoleon's grave. An angel image is glued over the top, highlighted again with oil pastels.

Cards from friends

I celebrated my Big 5-0 birthday this last weekend and I've been receiving some wonderful handmade cards from my friends. The pink one is from Jeanine - full of bling!! This pretty butterfly is from Dean, done in twinkling H20's. This cool pear (I'm crazy about them!) is from Patty.Marilyn sent this green and purple card made from a cuttlebug embossing folder!

Sandi did this awesome technique I'd only heard about - using a tag punch to make a flower. Love it!
My friend Cindy in Ohio made this cute pastel card - so bright and perky!
Steph used a neat butterfly stamp that I hadn't seen before. Her color combo of red/black/green really looks good together.
The card from Sue is much prettier IRL - the punched flowers are all metallic and really shine.
Lori made this cute pinwheel flower card.Trisha made the pink/green card below - this color combo really pops!
Peyton made the tag card below. The tag pulls out and says "50" on the back.
Thanks for making my birthday and the whole birthday week so special! I am blessed to have good friends and family who care about me. Now I'm off to live the next 50 years of my life!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

My new space

Finally took time today to unpack the boxes that have been sitting in my stamp room since we moved in. Although it's still terribly cluttered, the boxes are gone and you can actually see the room. Here's my computer setup.
This shot shows the wonderful view of our front yard that I get to enjoy each day. The boxes used to cover all the space in the corner and around the table.
My wall of iris carts. My goal for the summer is to sort through the drawers and reduce the number of items I just "have" to have.
This is the closet. The purple/white stack of drawers are for my stamps. I hope to add additional shelves.