Tuesday, May 29, 2007

13 Months, 23 Days

Not that I'm counting...lol! Today I got my braces off - yippee! Boy does my mouth feel empty without all that metal. I'm still getting used to the permanent retainer on the back of my front teeth on the bottom (my poor tongue has blisters). They took impressions for my upper retainer (which now comes in colors: purple with glitter) which I get in one week. My how things change in 35 years! I've been smiling all day long.


joanne huffman said...

What a beautiful smile!

kathy mc said...

Your teeth and smile are gorgeous. I bet your mouth feels likes it on vacation.

Cindy G said...

Robin - You look great!!! Now I need a stamp that says "Congrats on getting your braces off!" Think they make one like that?

Cindy G