Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Tired in Tacoma

I've been in Tacoma since last Saturday. I flew here to be with my sister Rene' for 2 weeks during her heart bypass surgery and recovery. She had 3 bypasses (the result of juvenile diabetes that she's had for 40+ years). For the past 8 days, I've pretty much lived at the hospital (St. Joseph) for 14+ hours a day, sitting in this chair.Yes, that's some knitting I've been doing. A scarf out of Koigu and Silk Haze. It's soft and beautiful. It's only has 10 rows and twirls around. I'd model it for you, but I ran out of yarn as I was binding off. I'll have to finish it in TN when I return home.
I loved the oval windows in the patient rooms! Here's the view out of our room: 5th floor, B5. On Sunday, there was a rainstorm that produced this wonderful rainbow!
This is Rene' on Saturday, putting on a much brighter smile than I know she felt.Here she is today in something OTHER than the aqua hospital gown. Actually, she feels MUCH better than her expression is showing, but I think getting dressed wiped her out.
I'm so thankful that I had enough time off from work to spend these two weeks with her and Gregg. The hospital staff was great, but it's no place to be without friends/family to help you out.


linda woods said...

You are a really good sister! I know if I were going to have to spend all that time in a hospital, I'd want my sister by my side for sure.

primdollie said...

wow sweetie sure glad you were there and know your sister thought so too!! I'm wishing her a speedy recovery and hope she will be much stronger soon!!! she is lucky to have you and I am so glad the surgery went well!! wow triple bypass scary!! had no idea so am glad all is well and on the mend!! hugs Linda