Tuesday, February 13, 2007

FO for Tuesday

OK, quick class today for all you non-knitters: FO=Finished Object, noun, a highly sought after state for your knitting to be in. This is a pre-requisite for turning your FO into a GIFT! Or for actually putting your FO on your body, i.e. WEAR it yourself! FO's bring on a state of euphoria that challenges the feeling you get from eating chocolate. Above is my first FO for 2007! The purple scarf, Colinette yarn (can't find the ball band, or I would give you the color).


Peyt said...

MOM!!! It's only your first??? I can't believe it. I would have thought you had done 10 by now! It is Feb. you know!

primdollie said...

love the new blog!!! and a knitter too!! love your scarf!! the color is wonderful!!! happy to see you took the blog jump!! you'll have fun!!Hugs Linda
will add you to my links if it's ok!! if not let me know!!

joyce said...

omg! it is so so awesome! are you a colinette freak too? or was it just a one time thing. i have BAD colinette issues -- i'm making a coworkers daughter who is getting her masters in scotland go to the mill and bring stuff home for me.

shirley said...

Your work is amazing! I love the scarf you made for me and I wear it all the time.
I enjoy seeing what you are working on, and am inspired to learn how to knit.Lessons are looming in my future