Saturday, February 10, 2007

And so it begins

This week (while not sleeping since I've had the yucky flu) I figured out the name I wanted to use for my blog.

I love to plan. REALLY.LOVE.IT. When I hear someone discuss a problem, my mind starts turning, coming up with a plan to fix it. In my job, planning is very important. However, your first plan (Plan A) doesn't always work right from the start. You often have to tweak it, thus Plan B is born. Ta da!

Today, while I'm doing laundry, I've been lusting after yarn that my friend Joyce hand dyes. She has some beautiful colors! I'm in the mood to knit and felt a purse.

I'm in a calendar RR. Here is my work in Christy's journal for February.

One of the journal prompts for the month is "I Am Blue".

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