Monday, July 5, 2010

My, How the Times Flies.....

It's hard to believe
but 25 years ago:

After working at the nuclear plant all day,
we got dressed up,
took the kids with us,
and drove to Overbrook, KS.
Getting everyone ready
took longer than we thought
and we were running late.
We finally arrived
at the very important place
but no one was there.

a Fire Station
was next door.
They knew exactly
who to call.
He was on his way!

Then we waited some more - 
this time for my Aunt Peggy
and sister Rene'
Finally, everyone was there.
Then, we got married!
These are copies
of the Polaroid pictures from that day.

thank you for:

asking me to marry you over the phone
loving my children as your own
loving me unconditionally
listening to me whistle off key
telling me everyday that I'm beautiful
modeling a Christian life to me
inspiring me to be a better person
giving the absolutely BEST HUGS ever
being my husband

I love you!

Let's do 25 more!

Sorry this day isn't turning out like we'd planned (work got in the way).  I'll make it up to you in Hawaii!!  Love you!  Mwah!  xoxoxoxoxo



Patty G said...

Twenty-five years is quite an accomplishment. Congratulations!

Peyton said...

Sorry it didn't turn our like you wanted, but Mom you definitely got a keeper. I can't wait to be a part of the next 25 years!

Joanne Huffman said...

lovely post.

Roben-Marie said...

Congratulations and may God bless you and your family with many more!!