Friday, July 3, 2009

Butterflies for a Cause

The Holocaust Museum in Houston is trying to collect 1.5 million butterfly images to remember the children of the Holocaust. Since the grandkids are visiting, we decided to join in the fun. That's Ryan (age 6) above. He decided that butterflies weren't his thing and painted a building and rainbow instead.Here's Tessa (age 13) in the midst of painting.
This is Brianna (age 9) in the midst of creating her artwork.
And here are all 3 showing off the finished masterpieces!


and Grandma Robin. What a joy it is to create with grandkids!!!


Joanne Huffman said...

what adorable grandchildren! And, how neat to get them involved in such a good project.


MarianCh said...

this is so important! some things you can buy some you can create
what a wonderfull activity to share with your grandchildren