Saturday, June 16, 2007

Boho Bag Completed

Love how the entrelac stitch looks when completed! After I got the hang of it (totally embracing the "break the yarn" concept to create the lovely color changes), it was a really quick, easy knit. Below is a picture of the bottom - way cool!

Although I love the way the bag turned out, I'm not crazy about the yarn I used: Boku by Plymouth Yarn. The yarn broke numerous times making me leary of how well it would hold up as a purse (knowing I cram so much into my bag). What to do??? I decided to felt it.

It turned out fabulous! I'm not sure what I'm going to use it for but I know I'll knit this stitch and pattern again.

Personal to sis: Enjoy your Alaskan cruise!


Joanne Huffman said...

Robin, I love the look of [what looks to me like] this incredibly intricate stitch. However, when you felted it, it passed being something cool to look at and into something extremely wonderful I would love to see this purse in perse-on (sorry for the pun, but I couldn't resist).

Karen Owen said...

Robin, your bag is amazing! I love how it looks felted. Truly wonderful!


Patty Gracey said...

Congratulations on completing this cool bag. Felting it was inspired - it turned out great and I'm sure will be much sturdier. You always impress me!


joyce said...

oh my goodness. that is stunningly beautiful. i'm so impressed that you did entrelac!

primdollie said...

Oh I love your bag!!! I have yet to master this stitch and would love to will try it again soon I used an online pattern and I think (per my instructor too!) the instructions were wacky!!! am still trying to learn all the fun stitches can knit like crazy but need to learn new techniques and such next on the list of to do after figure out how to spin too and dye my yarn!!! hehehe! Hugs Linda
enjoy your bag!!

shirleymcc said...

this is amazing!!!!
You are an inspiration.

kathy mc said...

Oh my gosh Robin, I love it felted. It looks so different. I bet you get tons of compliments on it when you carry it.