Saturday, October 13, 2007

Stamp Room

When I was in Europe last year, I bought quite a bit of paper. I carted the tube on and off the bus each day, swearing it got heavier as the trip went on (could be because I kept buying paper!). Once I got home, the sheets were laid out on top of a table in the basement and promptly forgotten about. I've found that I need to "see" things to remember to use them. The sheets of paper have all been rolled up and placed into a basket I bought last weekend.
I have the same issue with my stamps. Years ago when I first started stamping, I bought an adjustable shelf to house them. My husband then made me two more. Here's what they look like today.Of course, this is a SMALL part of my stamp collection, but I do use them more if I'm seeing them. Here's a pix of another wall in my stamp room - full of iris carts.
This is an addition to my growing collection of "doodle" flowers, going in this months calendar journal.


Becky in East Tennessee said...

WOOHOOO! So glad to see you back "online". OK, your stamp collection and organization looks fabulous! But I have one question, how in the SAM ELLIOTT do you know which drawer what is in in all of those Iris Carts?????

Luv ya
Becky P

Joanne Huffman said...

Your stamp room looks wonderful. The papers look beautiful - sort of like a bouquet in the basket. I'm impressed with your organization and tidiness.

kathy mc said...

You are so organized. NO wonder your such a great stamper. Love the shelves for your stamps. Your papers look really cool in the basket. Thanks for sharing your displays.

Peyton said...

Wow Mom! I didn't know you got such cool looking paper when you went to Europe....when we go one day we'll have to go paper hunting because those are all FABULOUS looking papers!